Yet another Murraylands resident loses thousands to text message scam

One resident has lost over $8000, the fourth notable scam in the Murraylands in the last four months.

In a sense of déjà vu a Murraylands resident has become the victim of an online scam, this time a text message.

Police confirmed on the victim received a text message on Tuesday 20 July stating that PayPal had money to refund into their account.

The unsuspecting victim clicked on a link contained within the text message which allowed the scammers remote access to their mobile device.

From there, scammers accessed the victim’s online bank account and stole over $8,000.

This is the fourth such crime reported in the Murraylands in the last four months, with amounts of $5,000, $40,000 and $153,000 having been stolen since April.

The last instance was not an individual but the Tailem Bend Netball Club who were tricked by a sophisticated fake invoice and have had to rebound to cover their debts relating to new works.

Police would like to remind the public to stay vigilant and not click on any suspicious links, with further information about how to identify a PayPal scam available here.

P-Plater has license stripped

In other police news a 19-year-old Swanport man has lost his license after being caught speeding.

The P-Plater was recorded at 156 km/h in a 100 km/h zone just outside of Lameroo last Thursday at 12.40pm.

He was issued a $2,295 fine for speeding and has lost his license for six months.

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