I completely agree with the comments of Steve Burgess of May 30 regarding the need for a level playing field for all candidates. I have long believed that the only way to see real improvements in a community is to turn safe seats into increasingly marginal ones to make our elected representatives really have to work hard for our vote. Quality independents such as Airlie Keen and others are part of that process and they certainly should not be unfairly treated in any way relative to the major parties.

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This sort of political manipulation where the major parties who are regular victors at each election make one rule for them(which is usually to their benefit) and another rule for their opponents (usually to their detriment) is what the electorate is heartily sick of, as shown in the recent Federal election.

We should all demand that there be a true level playing field to enhance our democracy. Quality independent candidates are necessary for a thriving democracy, and so too is integrity and accountability, and this sort of one sided manipulation could deter future quality candidates from running at future elections.

Good luck to all the Independents in changing this legislation. It filled my heart seeing greater diversity of candidates running and winning the recent Federal election. I look forward to the same situation in the next State election.

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