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The results are in and they are … pretty good.

Congratulations are in order to the 80 people that as of lunchtime Friday had taken on The Great Murray Bridge News Quiz.

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But without further ado, let’s check in on how people did on The Great Murray Bridge News Quiz.

Which people are the traditional owners of the land on which Murray Bridge was built?

Answer: Ngarrindjeri

With almost 100% success, various spellings aside, Murray Bridge is indeed located on Ngarrindjeri country.

Who was the first European person to visit the area now known as Murray Bridge, in 1830?

Answer: Charles Sturt

On February 8 1830 famed explorer Charles Sturt made camp at current day Murray Bridge.

The old road bridge, the first across the River Murray, was completed in what year?

Perhaps the most famous photo from Murray Bridge’s early history, showing the bridge’s builders taking a break in 1876. Photo: Samuel White Sweet/State Library of South Australia (PRG-742-5-179).

Answer: 1879

With construction starting in 1873, the first road bridge to span the Murray River was completed in 1879.

The bridge serviced trains for nearly 40 years until a separate bridge was constructed and is today listed as a State Heritage Place.

Originally called Edwards Crossing, then named Mobilong, in what year did Murray Bridge officially get its name?

Answer: 1924

This proved a tricky answer with less than half of respondents picking the correct date.

Who is the current Mayor of the Rural City of Murray Bridge?

Answer: Brenton Lewis

Almost universally accepted with the exception of a few ‘Old Mates’ and one ‘Aarbon’ (SIC), referencing former mayor Allan Arbon who retired in 2014.

Sturt Reserve and The Bend both host rounds in a human-powered-vehicle racing series commonly referred to as _____?

Answer: Pedal Prix

While the planned Round 4 at The Bend has unfortunately been cancelled due to the lockdown, it is hoped the event at Sturt Reserve will run in September.

If it does, it will be the 36th running of the event considered “the premier HPV endurance race in Australia” according to the Australian HPV Super Series.

Which legendary creature is caged at Sturt Reserve?

Answer: The Bunyip, Bertha, Mulyawonk

Bert the Bunyip was originally built by Dennis Newell in 1972 before the arrival in the 80’s of a baby, and so Bert became Bertha.

The now revamped and friendlier bunyip attracts in excess of 20,000 visitors a year.

What is the name of the train service that stops in Murray Bridge on the way from Adelaide to Melbourne?

Answer: Overland

Despite some struggles last year The Overland has been saved and continues to operate when COVID permits interstate travel.

Honourable mentions in answers given to other notable liners including The Ghan, The Indian Pacific, and the Orient Express.

Where could you find "full on fun for everyone" between 1985 and 2007?

Answer: Puzzle Park

Another near unanimously correct answer, Puzzle Park was a top tourist destination for over two decades featuring waterslides, go-karts and paddleboats.

The site was reportedly sold earlier this year with plans to change it into a commercial agriculture site.

Downstream from Murray Bridge are which two lakes, both starting with A?

Answer: Lake Albert & Lake Alexandrina

The two lakes were named for the princess and her consort who would go on to be Queen Victoria and her husband Albert.

There was some talk at the time in renaming Lake Alexandrina due to the queen taking the name Victoria when coronated.

At which Olympic Games did the Murray Cods rowing team represent Australia?

Answer: Paris 1924

Before modern rower James McRae opened modern rowing facilities, there was the Murray Cods in Paris.

The incredible story of the world beaters has been turned into a 2015 documentary titled ‘Paris or the Bush: the Story of the Gods’.

Which of the below is not a house at Unity College, named for the four milk boats that used to operate from Murray Bridge?

Answer: Spirit (the four correct answers were Co-operation, Loyalty, Union and Progress)

While the majority did correctly identify Spirit as the incorrect answer, quite a few people did surmise that Co-operation was the odd one out.

As the above photo shows, the boat which originally was named ‘M.V. Excelsior’ but was renamed around 1920 did in fact sail the Murray in the early twentieth century.

What is the name of the housing development at the old Murray Bridge racecourse?

Answer: Newbridge

A pretty common response, the new development saw construction begin late last year.

When did the infamous fire at Thomas Foods International's Murray Bridge meat processing facility occur?

Answer: 2018

Well done to the 46 people who came away with the correct answer, although with the fire taking place on January 3 you could forgive those who answered 2017.

What is the name of Ramblers' home ground?

Answer: LeMessurier Oval

Another answer which elicited a wide collection of spellings, the venue was home for a shock win on the weekend to celebrate the 90th Birthday celebrations of Ramblers Football Club.

Which of the following South Australian cities had a smaller population than Murray Bridge at the time of the 2016 census?

Answer: Mount Barker

Maybe the most indecisive of any question, Murray Bridge still had a larger population than Mount Barker in 2016 by less than 200 people.

It would be safe to assume with the 2021 census weeks away that this official figure is likely to change.

Murray Bridge currently has two teams in the River Murray Football League: Imperials and Ramblers. Which third team folded in 2005?

Answer: Redlegs

Playing out of the showgrounds the Redlegs played in the RMFL between 1983 and 2005.

If there is to be a new Murray Bridge based team, a couple of submitted answers worth considering for names include the Pelicans or the Warblers.

The former Murray Bridge Drive-In Theatre, which closed in 2005, was open for how many years?

Answer: 47 years

Opening in time for Christmas 1958, the former Murray Bridge Drive-In was operated by Roy Denison for most of its and his life.

Which animal appears on the logo of Monarto Safari Park?

Answer: Rhino

A popular answer with over three quarters of respondents guessing correctly.

In fact it is Eshe the Southern White Rhinos first birthday today at Monarto Safari Park!

Murray Bridge is home to a 133-year-old building which claims to be the smallest what in the world?

Answer: Cathedral

At just 20 metres long and eight metres wide, St John the Baptist Cathedral isn’t likely to pack in more than 130 people at the best of times.

It remains the smallest cathedral in Australia.

Which has more seats: Murray Bridge Town Hall or Cameo Cinema?

Answer: Murray Bridge Town Hall.

A very split vote, the redeveloped Town Hall’s capacity or near 300 edges out the 250 at the Cameo.

Imperials are the most successful club in the RMFL. How many premierships have they won?

Answer: 21

Apologies to Imperials fans given that the quiz originally had 20 listed as a correct answer.

Although as one responder said, whatever the answer was it was ‘too many’.

However, the most premierships in consecutive years belongs to which club?

Answer: Jervois

With four premierships in a row from 2004 - 2007, Jervois has the longest premiership streak in the RMFL.

However, if not for a protest to the 1933 premiership the club would have won six in a row between 1932 and 1937.

Murray Bridge is home to which unique delicacy most often associated with McCues Bakery?

Answer: Savoury Slice

Another highly popular response, the might Savoury Slice is the delicacy of choice for many locals.

The question is whether to eat it on its own or in flat bread - you can vote on that here.

Did the Murray Bridge Show move to its current home on the east side before or after the 1956 flood?

Answer: After the 1956 flood

The show society made the move for the 1966 show and have been there ever since.

Previously located at Diamond Park was what type of war artefact?

Answer: Cannon

Getting over 90% of answers correct, a German cannon was the artefact that used to call Diamond Park home.

Which of these roles did the Round House fill during the early days of Murray Bridge? Tick all that apply.

Answer: All four (Post office, school, church, council chambers)

A bit of a trick question but the historic Round House was the building that provided all of the above roles to Murray Bridge initially.

True or false: the Murray Bridge road bridge was rigged with explosives during World War II.

Answer: True

Soldiers were on duty to check vehicles and trains crossing the bridges in the early days of conflict.

Adrian Pederick is the state Member for _____?

Answer: Hammond

This question probably deserves a * due to a lot of wrong answers also technically being true.

These include Parliament, the Liberal Party and the local pub which could all be correct in the right situation.

How many primary schools are there in the Murray Bridge council district?

Answer: 8

There are currently eight schools within the council district, with the chocolates to one responder who listed them all.

These are Mypolonga, Jervois, Murray Bridge North, Murray Bridge South, and Fraser Park Primary Schools along with Tyndale, St Josephs and Unity College.

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