Council workers x2 did a great job erecting the fence. Problem is cars are parking on the river reserve. Despite signage (be it old) they are ignoring it to go fishing. Parking on the roadside is close by and within walking distance. Same blue ute was there two days in a row. Need to start issuing fines. Also circle work on grass last weekend.

Also it is good to see more people walking since COVIDSafe. And also exercising their dogs. Problem is the ignorant and selfish dog owners that do not pick up dog 💩. Sturt Reserve is not a toilet for dogs! It is often the same individuals and their dogs. Maybe photographs posted on social media to shame and fine them!

The other problem is litter that blows into the river. Cigarette butts are the most profuse litter followed by dog poo and then take away food wrappers (commonly maccas and hungry jacks), coffee cups, straws and serviettes/tissues, drug paraphernalia and then prophylactics. I thought more bins and signage would be great but some individuals drop their rubbish despite a bin being nearby.

If we could remove hoon behaviour, selfish ignorant dog owners and deliberate littering; the river park would be a recreational haven for all to enjoy (locals and visitors). Be great if council could place another bi and dog bags at the walkway entrance at intersection of Cooks St and Jaensch Rd, and also corner of Jaensch Rd and Charles Sturt Rd aa these are common entry points for dogs/owners. Thanks.

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Now that RCMB have fenced off the area that was to be the boat ramp at the end of Jaensch Rd, why couldn't that be the dog park area by filling in the fence to make it dog proof. Then there would be a river to swim in and grass for dogs to run on - could be a really novel type of dog park. At the moment the cars are either still doing circle work down there, or starting to tear up the grass near by, we need to make some level of positive recreational activity space at the end of Jaensch Rd to discourage poor behaviour.

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