New sports awards celebrate Murray Bridge’s stars for the first time

A cricketer, a netballer, two basketballers and a two-club legend have been recognised at the first edition of a new awards ceremony in 2021.

Jared Marston, Ian Bates, Olivia Bolt, Kurt Bustamante and Roxy Tyler become the first winners at the Murray Bridge Sports Awards. Image: Peri Strathearn.

If sport is just another name for community, as former footy league president Terry Connolly would say, then these five men and women are all of us.

They are the winners of the first-ever Murray Bridge sports awards, presented at a cocktail event at the Bridges Event Centre on Wednesday night.

Instead of giving out sporting awards on Australia Day, as in the past, the stand-alone ceremony ensured Murray Bridge’s sports stars were properly celebrated, Mayor Brenton Lewis said.

That was important when sport was so central to country people’s identities.

Perhaps that was why the sports volunteer of the year award – not the junior or senior sportsperson of the year – was the most anticipated of the night.

Here’s who won what.

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