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ive just turn 60 this year and ac care what me to do so much but i manange to do it all even got couple invites to look at place 3 didnt get 2 i said yes to had to say no to one as to much dirt and hills in drive way to put the bins out . i wasnt rude but after 6 months i ask accare what they where doing to help, next thing i got message to say i wasnt on there list any more that i haded down what they need me to do, i had the paper work to prove it but how can ones living in tents no ele get to feel in forms for housing ,,housing trust got 2 letters in 3 months from my doctor, that my health was getting worse and need a roof over my head ,just got told im cat 1 now xmas day have shingles and in lot of pain thanks for nothing government hope you had nice hot lunch and tea why i lie down in pain because of stress

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