Chance encounter at Uluru leads rug-makers Salty Aura to sales all over Europe

Meet the travelling Murray Bridge couple whose business is selling hundreds of rugs each day.

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While they are usually touring Australia in their high top troop carrier, Salty Aura founders Jake and Jade are currently back home in Murray Bridge.

Two years ago, the couple had decided they’d had enough of work dictating when they would have time to go travelling.

Enter the online store for Salty Aura and its collection of travel-ready rugs.

Designed by Jake and Jade, the rugs are inspired by and designed during their travels.

“We have a lot of time on the road to design and work on new things,” Jade says.

“It’s part of why we love travelling so much.”

The business, like its founders, is highly mobile and operates anywhere the couple can get a wi-fi signal on their travels.

But someone does have to be back home to pack and ship the rugs, which on the last trip was done by Jade’s mum.

However, the growing business may soon be able to outsource that when Jade and Jake next hit the road: “the next time we’ll probably hire a person to be our dispatcher”.

Despite still being largely based online, the couple’s rugs and growing range of homewares can now be seen in 30 stores across Australia, including at Mystical Flair in Murray Bridge.

The story of how they cracked into the Europe market does beggar belief.

“When we were at Uluru we met a guy from the Netherlands and got chatting,” Jade casually explained.

“When he got back home he thought it would be cool to sell our rugs in the Netherlands and in Europe.

“We had a further chat and then he set up an online store and we sent him stock.”

The love of travel and nature has inspired the couple to ensure that every purchase of their products goes to helping the environment.

“We’ve just partnered with Sea Shepherd, so 10 per cent of profits will be going to them,” Jade said.

“We also support little charities that might pop up to share it around a bit.”

And there certainly has been a rug or two purchased.

So far Salty Aura has donated more than $10,000 to charities they say are “helping to make this earth a little better”.

In response to a tip-off that they had sold over 500 rugs in a day, Jade didn’t have to downplay it too much.

“(The 500) was over a weekend but we did package 500 in a day,” she said.

“Our biggest sales day was around 350.”

So what’s next for the brand now that Jade and Jake are briefly back home?

“We’re getting more into homewares,” Jade explained.

“Beach towels, rugs for your home, maybe bedding.”

Photos: Salty Aura.