Walk of the Month, with Graham Hallandal, and Ride of the Month, with Dale Manson, are your guide to the Murraylands' best walking and cycling trails.

Dale Manson invites keen road cyclists to try a longer route, the "wildlife loop".
Graham Hallandal invites you to explore an historic river town, and get fit while you're doing it.
Graham Hallandal invites you to take a tour of this little-known natural wonderland.
Murray Bridge Derailleurs' Dale Manson debuts a regular feature with a recommended route for cyclists.
In May 2021, Graham Hallandal takes you on a tour of two back street parks little known to many locals.
Graham Hallandal invites you to explore local history as you walk through the heart of the river city.
Graham Hallandal guides you around one of Murray Bridge's hidden gems before it becomes better known.
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