Shirley Watson invites you to get elbow-deep in local history.
Judy Paech invites you to join the volunteers who keep a well used community venue going.
Sharon Gregory invites you to volunteer at the city's tourism hub.
Ross Anderson invites you to become a volunteer driver, taking people to medical and other appointments.
Peter Crowley invites you to connect with locals who love gardening and flowers.
Rose Ashton and Ed and Tess Thomas invite you to get involved with conservation in the Bremer Valley.
CJ Smith-Walton invites you to join the SES' Murray Bridge unit.
Tineke Pel invites you to join a homespun group of women who work wonders with wool.
Helen Elix and Geoff Poyner invite you to get involved with bird keeping and breeding in the Murraylands.
Glen Dorsey invites you to join in with a service club that aims to make a difference in children's lives.
Tammy and Charlotte Mathie invite you to come and sing in Murray Bridge.
Grant Spangenberg invites you to join the local congregation, or volunteer at its cafe or bookshop.