What's with the doughnut artwork at Rotary Jubilee Park, anyway?

When they look back on 2020, some of Murray Bridge High School's students will think of doughnuts.

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Years from now, when we all look back on 2020, most of us will recall similar difficulties – but some of us will think of doughnuts.

Dozens of Murray Bridge High School students have left their mark on Rotary Jubilee Park by creating a doughnut-themed artwork they hope will stand the test of time, and give future generations an insight into what it was like to live through the most topsy-turvy year in modern history.

Year 12s Dalziel Callaghan and Alexus Martin spoke at the unveiling of Torus 2020 on Friday.

The artwork consists of a circular gabion wall filled with stones from the 1884 Bridgeport Hotel, now demolished; a ring of benches; and, in the middle, tiny clay tiles expressing the personalities of the students who made them.

“We wanted the artwork to be fun for people visiting the park in future while also celebrating all the different aspects of our community,” Alexus said.

“We hope that you use this space to rest, chat with friends, ride (your) bikes through and learn about us and everything we have shared in our individual tiles.”

Students chose the circular shape as a symbol of inclusivity and wholeness, as well as being the shape of a fun, colourful and delicious snack.

“Almost every culture in the world has some sort of doughnut,” Dalziell said.

“So many cultures are part of our Murray Bridge community.

“The idea of a doughnut also references this region as a food bowl and pays homage to iconic small-town bakeries.”

Artist Christine Cholewa guided students through the creative process last year.

School principal Ruth Mussger hoped they would be able to look back with pride when they visited the park later in life.

She was already proud, she said, of the way students had poured their hearts and souls into creating something for the community.

The Murray Bridge council was also involved in the project, while Housing SA donated $1000 towards it through the Mobilong Rotary Club.

The artwork will complement plantings and other works which were recently completed in the former Jubilee Park.

Disclosure: The author greatly enjoyed a doughnut after the presentation.