April Fool's Day: OTR plans four new Murray Bridge outlets

The company has made a surprising announcement on the morning of April 1, 2021.

On the Run will build a service station on Mannum Road, completing its domination of the main routes into Murray Bridge, the South Australian company has announced.

More surprisingly, it also plans to build outlets on Rocky Gully Road, Maurice Road and Brinkley Road, “just to be sure”.

But the Mannum Road store will be the pick of the bunch.

Situated next to the railway line, it will also feature a drive-through window where passing train drivers will be able to pick up Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

In other local news today, April 1, 2021…

Nine’s The Block will transform Murray Bridge feed mill site

The next season of hit TV show The Block will be shot at the former Ridley’s feed mill in Murray Bridge, the Nine Network has revealed.

Producers say they want to turn the site into apartments “because we sure can’t find a rental property any-bloody-where else in this town”.

What a cocky-up: Sturt Reserve corellas heard swearing

Tourists have been left bemused after hundreds of corellas at Sturt Reserve began squawking coarse language at them.

Joe and Janet Bloggs said the corellas had told them to “f*** off” – an unfortunate example of parrots’ ability to mimic the words humans use in their presence.

Adelaide Metro will trial Murray Bridge bus service ‘eventually’

Adelaide Metro plans to launch a public bus service to Murray Bridge, but will not say when.

The main bus stop will reportedly be at the Adelaide Road cemetery.

A spokeswoman said the site had been chosen because most locals would be located there by the time the service started operating.

Trains may take TFI staff to new meat works

After using buses to transport workers to Lobethal for the past few years, Thomas Foods International may use a railway to transport workers to its new facility.

Leaked plans for the service show it has been given the working name “Thomas Foods: the Tank Engine”.

Come and try … extreme ironing with Murraylands Multisports

“Long-distance running and mountain biking just weren’t doing it for me any more ... then a crumpled shirt at the foot of my bed gave me a great idea.”

Things to do in Murray Bridge: April 1, 2021

If you’ve read this far and still haven’t got the joke, maybe take a look at a calendar.

In other local news:

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