'Us for you' philosophy keeps customers coming back to Bridge Windscreens

The Murray Bridge business also offers tinting and signage design and production. (Sponsored)

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When you hear the name Bridge Windscreens, you might not imagine they can cool your house or market your business.

But the range of services offered by Steve Burgess and his multi-talented, all-local team has grown considerably over the past 30 years, evolving with the times while they have stayed loyal to the community they serve.

This is the story of an auto glass repairer who has become a fixture of Murray Bridge's business community, a bloke who could never resist the lure of the country air or the urge to learn something new.

This is the story of three businesses in one: the veritable Neapolitan ice-cream behind the shop-front at 118 Maurice Road.

Us 4 U

The thread which binds Bridge Windscreens, Tint 4U and Sign Designs 4U together is a motto: "us for you".

"I chose it because I wanted to convey our overall philosophy," Steve says.

"Our service levels are reflected in our large repeat customer base."

Once customers come to Bridge Windscreens once – whether for windscreen repairs, window films or signage design and production – they tend to keep coming back.

Professionalism, high standards, prompt service and reasonable prices allow Steve and his team to build a firm rapport with their customers.

Their most recent net promoter score – an industry measure of customer satisfaction, based on follow-up phone calls – was 100 out of 100.

An important part of the local community

When some of Murray Bridge's most prominent businesses decided they could no longer sponsor the city's Christmas pageant, it was Steve who stepped up.

A Sign Designs 4U banner has paraded at the head of the past two pageants, showing not only the scale of work they can produce in-house, but also the scale of their commitment to keeping a local event going.

Steve's longstanding leadership within the business community, going back to the foundation of the old Murraylands Enterprise Estate, has been another expression of his belief in community spirit.

"The importance of dealing locally can't be overstated," he says.

"When the local economy thrives, we all thrive."

In the age of COVID-19, that commitment has extended to keeping all his local staff employed despite the downturn felt by so many businesses.

"When you lose good staff, you lose momentum," he says.

"If you lose momentum, soon you're going backwards."

Get ahead in business, at home or in your car

Forward thinking is essential to progress, whether that means getting your business' name out there on signage or decals, keeping summer heat out of your home with a window treatment, or just repairing that distracting chip in the corner of your car windscreen.

For solutions to a broad range of problems, Bridge Windscreens, Tint 4U and Sign Designs 4U are available and there to help you.

View the full range of services they offer at us4u.com.au or phone 8531 0277 to make an enquiry today.

Photo: Supplied.