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Mar 4, 2022·edited Mar 28, 2022

The selection of Artist Sam "Smug" Bates was brilliant because I believe that his work as portrayed on the Wirrabarra Silos has produced one of Australia's Best in Silo Art and to have him as our artist is a great choice. As you can see his talent above in the Wirrabarra Silo then I believe he should depict Four portraits of 1. Queen Monart from the photo that has the new bridge in the backgroud. 2. Mary Ann Edwards and her cottage in the background. 3. A Riverboat Captaiin at his wheel with a boat and Barge river background 4. A Farmer in a paddock with Horse team ploughing in background. Photos of these subjects are available and given Sam's talent then these 4 subjects would put us as "outstanding" on the Silo Art Trails.

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