St Joseph's School reveals new images of middle school building

Murray Bridge's Catholic school has given an update on its coming redevelopment.

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New concept images have painted a more vivid picture of the future of Murray Bridge's Catholic school.

St Joseph's School sent the images of their new building to families on Tuesday in an update on their planned expansion into years 8 and 9.

Catholic Education SA is expected to sign off on the development this month, paving the way for a new school entrance and early learning spaces to be built in the second half of this year.

Construction of the new middle school building is due to start around Christmas, and be complete in September or October of 2021.

Students currently in year 6 at St Joseph's will be among the first to make full use of the new building as they continue into year 8 in 2022 and year 9 in 2023.

Principal Adrian Brown said it was exciting to think that the works were getting "pretty close".

He hoped to have more images of the landscaping and interior of the new building to show families within the next few months.

"It's going to be busy ... but we're on time," he said.

"COVID or no, we've been working behind the scenes with all the applications, soil tests et cetera."

He said the school was now virtually back to normal – or the new version of it – by comparison with the end of last term, when many families chose to keep their children at home and some staff were temporarily put out of work.

"By the time we got to the end of term one we were down to about 35 per cent face-to-face learning," he said.

"As of yesterday morning we were at 92%.

"All our kids and staff are back."