Sports round-up: Little Athletics club performs at SA championships

Murray Bridge's little athletes placed well among their peers from around the state in December.

This post was contributed by Monique White of Murray Bridge Little Athletics.

The Murray Bridge Little Athletics Club had a fantastic time at the State Relay Championships last month.

Running events

In the under-nine-to-11 medley, Tilly-Rose Gordon (100 metres), Isabella Zacker (100m), Owen Clarke (200m) and Helayna White (400m) qualified third-fastest overall in the heats with a time of two minutes, 32.33 seconds.

They then ran the final in style after only a short break, coming fifth in the state with a time of 2:34.55.

In the U12-14 medley, Alexandra White (100m), Hailey Quast (100m), Ariel Challinger (200m) and Evan Clarke (400m) qualified eighth-fastest out of the heats with a time of 2:14.67, then beat their time in the final, coming sixth in the state with a time of 2:13.33.

With smooth baton changes after a quick run-through, the little champions all ran their fastest with great spirit.

Field relays

U10 girls Tilly-Rose Gordon and Isabella Zacker achieved 84 out of 100 points, coming fourth out of 13 teams in the state and missing third place by one point.

  • Tilly-Rose: Discus 16.73m (second), shot put 5.75m (first), 49/50 points

  • Isabella: High jump 90cm (seventh), long jump (10th), 35/50

U11 girls Helayna White and Kearna Wilkinson achieved 73/100, coming eighth out of 13 teams in the state.

  • Helayna: Shot put 5.93m (fourth), high jump 1m (ninth), 40/50

  • Kearna: Long jump 2.17m (11th), discus 13.18m (eighth), 33/50

U11 boys Kaiden Martin and Owen Clarke achieved 79/100 points, coming fifth out of 17 teams in the state.

  • Kaiden: Shot put 7.51m (third), discus 19.09m (fourth), 45/50

  • Owen: high jump 1.1m (seventh), long jump 2.80m (11th), 34/50

U12 girls Alexandra White and Cianna Watkins achieved 69/100, coming 10th out of 12 teams.

  • Alexandra: High jump 1m (ninth), shot put 6.25m, 39/50

  • Cianna: Long jump 2.4m (11th), discus 9.2m (11th), 30/50

U13 girls Hailey Quast and Ariel Challinger achieved third place in the state out of nine teams with 86 out of 100 points.

  • Hailey: Long jump 3.03m (eighth), high jump 1.25m (fourth), 40/50

  • Ariel: Shot put 6.57m (fourth), discus 19.43m (second), 46/50

In U13 boys, Evan Clarke achieved an impressive 44 out of 50 points with his efforts in discus – 21.65m (fifth) – and shot put – 8.11m (third).

Unfortunately there was no representation in high jump or long jump so the team was unable to complete the full relay.

U16 boys Ethan Watkins and Noah Holland took out the gold medal with a whopping 99 out of 100 points, defeating three other teams and breaking some of their gold medal runs along the way.

  • Ethan: Long jump 4.89m (first), high jump 1.55m (second), 49/50

  • Noah: Shot put 12.68m (first), discus 27.63m (first), 50/50

There were many personal bests broken on the day by Murray Bridge athletes, showing that they performed their best in awesome spirit against large and tough squads from all over the state.

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