Sports reports: Seventeen shoot at 400 metres

The latest from Murray Bridge Rifle Club, the River Murray Football League and the River Murray Netball Association.

This post includes contributions from Murray Bridge Rifle Club’s Daniel Irvine, the River Murray Football League and the River Murray Netball Association.

Seventeen shooters took advantage of the pleasant weather this past Saturday at the Deed Rifle Range at Monarto.

However, despite the sunshine, the weather held a few tricks up its sleeve that caught a few unaware shooters out from a range of 400 metres in the fifth round of the Murray Bridge Rifle Club championship.

Rob Paech and Adrian Conlon were not in that category as they both continued their impressive form of late.

Paech scored a pair of 49s for a 98.12 and Conlon scored a 59 and a 60 for an off-rifle score of 119.09.

The effort was enough for Paech to take out the off-rifle and handicap award in TR, while Conlon claimed the F-open off-rifle award but was once more unable to claim the handicap.

This week that went to Mark Nesti, who shot 117.12 for a score of 131.8, narrowly beating Peter Casley in F-standard, who shot 113.07 for a score of 131.1.

Casley missed out on winning the off-rifle award in F-standard this week on a countback to Dave Hindmarsh, who also scored 113.07 but who finished with a string of super centres.

The weather saw “magpies” reappear on the range this week after their unmourned absence last week.

This week’s winners were John Cain in TR, with two, and Gordon Harrison in F-class, with one.

Harrison offered his 50 years’ experience with TR open sights – which wind the opposite way – as his excuse in a self-admitted case of the “nut behind the bolt” being the problem.

Both shooters still had good days out, with Cain winning B-grade and Harrison finishing third in the handicap for F-class.

This weekend the range will be closed as shooters travel to Mount Barker for the District Rifle Association annual general meeting and deciding round of the DRA championships.

River Murray Football League round 18 results

Mannum 17.7 (109) def Mypolonga 5.7 (37)

Mannum goals: B. Boughen 8, B. Fidge 4, T. Russo 1, S. Brown 1, Z. Bullard 1, C. Horstmann 1, M. Heward 1. Best: M. Heward, B. Boughen, J. Bormann, J. Cook, G. Budel.

Mypolonga goals: T. Howson 2, S. Elliott 2, K. Smith 1. Best: L. Gotch, K. Wilson, C. Stegmeyer, M. Lewis, T. Howson.

Tailem Bend 15.16 (106) def Imperials 10.6 (66)

Tailem Bend goals: J. Bell 3, M. Sumner 3, C. Smelt 2, B. Rossi 2, N. Westhoff 2, S. Clay 2, J. Linde 1. Best: N. Westhoff, B. Franks, S. Clay, M. Sumner, B. Rossi.

Imperial goals: J. Boras 4, A. Morrell 2, S. DeMichele 1, L. Harrowfield 1, R. Farnham 1, K. White 1. Best: S. McMahon, B. Martin, H. Montgomery, L. Harrowfield, D. Girdham.

Ramblers 16.17 (113) def Meningie 9.10 (64)

Rambler goals: S. Callery 4, C. Walker 3, K. Harradine 3, J. Trevorrow 2, J. Weyland 1, A. Harradine 1, M. Hartman 1, L. Kelei 1. Best: A. Gollan, C. Walker, C. Schubert, K. Harradine, S. Callery.

Meningie goals: D. Spinks 3, T. Robinson 2, L. McFarlane 1, B. Vandenbrink 1, P. Reichelt 1, J. Ling 1. Best: B. Halliday, T. Robinson, P. Reichelt, C. Mason, J. Ling.

River Murray Netball Association round 18 results

Imperials 53 def Tailem Bend 39

Mypolonga 57 def Mannum 33

Ramblers 56 def Meningie 43

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