Sports reports: Rob Paech packs a punch at rifle club meet

Plus round five scores from the River Murray Football League.

This post was contributed by Daniel Irvine of Murray Bridge Rifle Club, and by the River Murray Football League.

Pleasant conditions have greeted the 16 shooters who turned out to contest the 28th stage of the Murray Bridge Rifle Club championship from 300 metres.

The wind was mostly consistent from the right on Saturday, but had enough in it to make sure any competitors who took their eyes off the flags paid a price.

Rob Paech, however, excelled for the day, scoring a double 50.05 in TR to give him a perfect 100 for the day.

His score put him four points ahead off-rifle from second-placed Jasamine Irvine, whose 96.09 included a 49.05 in the second round.

Paech’s performance also ensured him the handicap victory for the day.

In F-class, the best off-rifle score for the day came from Mark Nesti in open with 111.08, ahead of Frank Marshall in standard, who scored 109.08.

No possibles were shot in F-class on the day, but the best round scores came from Mark and Ian Taylor, who both scored 56s.

Ian’s 56.03, combined with the 52.02 from his first round, gave him a much improved 108.05 and helped him share handicap honours with new shooter Brad Kirpensteyn.

There were not a lot of competitors for the less prestigious Magpie Award in F-class for the day, but Wayne Halliday’s stray bird secured him the honours.

There was much more competition in target rifle, however, with John Elson’s six birds gaining him the prize; but due to his handicap, however, the history books may end up recording the win as going to Daniel Irvine, who unceremoniously shot three birds with his new barrel and new sights.

Several shooters went on to compete in an Anzac Day shoot held by the Fathers and Sons Association – long since open to mothers and daughters as well – at Mount Barker the next day.

The club will return to competition on Saturday with a championship shoot from 700 metres.

River Murray Football League round five results

Ramblers 8.6 (54) v Jervois 17.6 (108)

Jervois goals: J. Scott 5, Z. Makins 3, Z. Barry 2, T. Hill 2, M. Pope 1, S. Rushe 1, T. Miller 1, T. Gibson 1, A. Diamond 1. Best: A. Diamond, Z. Makins, J. Woodall, J. Scott, M. Pope.

Ramblers goals: C. Walker 3, S. Callery 3, J. Trevorrow 1, B. Ellis 1. Best: K. Harradine, M. Hartman, C. Walker, T. Baker, R. Vanson.

Meningie 7.3 (45) v Mannum 11.12 (78)

Mannum goals: J. Woollard 4, T. Russo 2, D. Gladigau 1, B. Webster 1, J. Bormann 1, D. Ribbons 1, I. Hampel 1. Best: B. Tabe, J. Cook, J. Keller, T. Russo, B. Maloney.

Meningie goals: T. Hartman 2, M. Greenwood 2, L. Thompson 1, L. McFarlane 1, B. Vandenbrink 1. Best: J. Hoad, P. Reichelt, W. Angas, T. Hartman, J. Ling.

Imperials 10.8 (68) v Tailem Bend 15.13 (103)

Imperial goals: S. DeMichele 3, J. Boras 3, H. Montgomery 2, L. Harrowfield 1, A. Morrell 1. Best: L. Harrowfield, H. Montgomery, S. Samblich , N. Daish, S. DeMichele.

Tailem Bend goals, best: N/A.

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