Sports reports: Rifle shooters compete twice in two days

Here's the latest from Murray Bridge's rifle club, golf club and lawn tennis association.

This post includes contributions by Murray Bridge Rifle Club’s Daniel Irvine, Murray Bridge Golf Club and the Lower Murray Lawn Tennis Association’s Graham Buttle.

It has been a busy weekend for shooting.

Murray Bridge Rifle Club members competed in their club competition on Saturday before heading to the Mount Barker rifle range to compete in the second DRA open prize meeting.

In Saturday’s competition at Monarto, 14 members tested their skills from 400 metres against a strong and challenging wind.

Only one possible was shot for the day, by Adrian Conlon in F-open during the second round; when coupled with his 58 in the first round, it was enough to give him the off-rifle win by a point from David McDonald.

McDonald had the edge in the handicap, however, winning that award by less than a single point.

Frank Marshall topped the standard shooters for the day with 108, ahead of Dave Hindmarsh on 107.

Wayne Halliday continued his recent woes, winning the magpie award once more with a single bird.

The best in target rifle was a solid pair of 49s by Robert Paech, which secured him the off-rifle award by two points from Gordon Harrison, who continued his return to form.

Harrison’s 96.05 made him a clear handicap winner.

Greg Traeger rued his son-in-law’s absence when it came to the magpie award, claiming the prize with two birds.

The next day, 41 shooters from around the state turned out to compete for the District Rifle Association’s annual OPM, with one range shot at 500 yards and two ranges at 600 yards in the Adelaide Hills.

It was the first time in South Australia, and possibly Australia, where shooters were able to compete in the new sporting hunter class at an open event.

Patches of drizzle, broken up by bouts of warm sunshine, were not enough to stop the shooting.

The breeze remained chilly throughout the day and blew in varying strengths, with many shooters finding they needed more wind on then the flags suggested, being caught out at times by sudden drops.

The competition was close as several possibles were shot on the first range, including by Bill Naismith in TRA, John Shobbrook and Eddie Kanik in FSA, Ryan Yeates in FO, Lynton Wakefield in FTR and Adam Talbot and Mark De Laine in the new sporting hunter class.

The difficulty increased at the longer distance in the second round, with Paul Savage scoring the only possible in TRA.

Scores improved again in the third round, with Paech notching a possible in TRA, Shobbrook collecting his second in FSA, Bryan Galpin taking the lot in FTR, and Mark De Laine – with his second – and Paul Janzso in FSH.

Overall, the day was considered a success by all who attended.

Shooters hoped prize meetings and inter-club shooting would continue as the threat of COVID-19 gradually became more manageable.

Aggregate winners for the day were Paech in TRA with 147.17, ahead of Savage by six centres; Andrew Heard in TRB on 145.10, two points ahead of clubmate Harrison; and Daniel Nesbitt, whose stunning 142.7 in TRC put him six points ahead of Daniel Irvine.

Shobbrook’s consistent performance won him FSA with 177.15, two points clear of Eddie Kanik; while in a rare occurrence Darryl Pink won FSB with the same score, well ahead of Jeff Makin, Martin Craig, and Paul Jenkins.

In FO, Danny Blackmore won the day with 176.9, only a point ahead of McDonald and Rohan Carter.

Galpin won FTR by a single centre from Wakefield, 172.13 to 172.12; while in the new class the first prize went to De Laine with 149.14, a single point ahead of Janzso.

King crowned at Murray Bridge Golf Club

It was a lovely spring day at Murray Bridge Golf Club last weekend, when 84 players competed in a Stableford competition.

The victor was powerfully built B-grader Nathan King, who narrowly got the job done with a terrific 40-point round.

Utilising his great length off the tee, he also had his short game a bit better tuned than normal and the result was there to see.

Mario Grande and Gavin Thoman dominated the A grade, clearing out from the rest, with the Italian stallion, Grande, coming out just on top after registering an excellent 39 points.

Former club champion Thoman showed a return to form; his 38 points were well put together and his up-and-down for par from the thick grass at the back of the 18th green was a great finish to his round.

Shane Aldridge poked his nose into B grade, for one week at least, and must have liked what he saw, putting together 37 points and seeing off Lloyd “Buckets” Jackson on a countback for top honours.

The highlight of Aldridge’s round was an eagle two on the short dog-leg 15th, where he had to navigate low-hanging branches and the mound for his second shot.

He punched a low chip perfectly up onto the green and into the hole, and also cleaned out the eagle’s nest of $50 worth of balls to put some icing on the cake.

Playing partner Roger Wickes wasn’t quite as complimentary as others about the shot, though, claiming it was “sheer arse”.

Visiting Bundaberg Golf Club member Jakob Hansen, brother of local member Ryan, certainly got everyone’s attention after posting a 44-point score to completely crush his C grade competition.

Keeping it steady with two nines of 22 points apiece, Jakob might get a shock when he sees his new handicap but at least he will have some funds in the bank to ease the pain as he also took out the day’s pro comp for the best back nine.

Echunga’s Barry Sparrow was C grade runner-up with 36 points.

Shaun Williams, Terry Marsh and Tyson Wright had good days and played to their handicaps.

Stan Whittam, from Echunga, had an interesting morning.

Turning halfway with just 10 points, he clearly read the riot act to himself, then duly proceeded to score a lazy 25 – repeat, 25 – points on the last nine holes to get himself up to a very respectable 35-point total and earn himself a golf ball.

But no, he failed to part with a dollar to enter the pro comp, much to Jakob Hansen’s relief.

Tom Haig, Jeremy Paech and Snow Rothe also had 35 points apiece, albeit in far more regular fashion, while Bill Fisher, Smiley Trinder and Rod Thoman were each rewarded for their 34 points.

Andrew Meddle showed his short-game prowess yet again by striking a peach of a shot on the short fourth hole to claim the yabby prize money.

Rumour has it the ATO are hot on Meddle’s tail, such is the frequency with which he wins this secondary competition.

Only a few weeks remain before the club’s beautiful greens will be in line for another biannual coring treatment, so be sure to avail yourself of this weekend’s par competition while the going is still good.

Murray Bridge Lawn Tennis Association scores

Pennant competition

Sportsman (four sets, 35 games) defeated Schools (four sets, 32 games)

Swanport (four sets, 44 games) defeated Postel (four sets, 43 games)

Doubles competition 

River Aces (six sets, 54 games) defeated Swamport (three sets, 42 games)

Player of the day: Delrae Thomas

Twin Bridges (six sets, 53 games) defeated Mobilong (three sets, 44 games)

Player of the day: Lyn Bald

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