Sports reports: Nesti's best on Monarto rifle range

Plus the latest scores from the River Murray Football League.

This post was contributed by Daniel Irvine of Murray Bridge Rifle Club, and by the River Murray Football League.

Thirteen shooters have gathered at the Deed Range in Monarto to shoot in the 29th stage of the Murray Bridge Rifle Club championship from a range of 700 metres.

Conditions were warm and pleasant on Saturday, with enough cloud cover to create a nice sight for shooters and avoid what Mark Nesti described as “Mother Nature turning the target into a Van Gogh”.

The wind was unusual in that it was blowing from the left but was mostly consistent over the day, especially early on with a few difficult moments later in the afternoon. 

The favourable early conditions were certainly taken advantage of by Nesti, who shot the only possible for the day in his first round, scoring a 60.05.

Proof that weather played a factor later in the day was his second round of 55.02, much to his disappointment.

He was still happy to have been the top-off rifle shooter in F-open for the day, even if it was only by three centres from John Cranwell.

His score, however, was not enough to claim the handicap prize in F-class, which went to veteran Peter Byass, who has seen a good run of form since getting a new barrel fitted.

His off-rifle score of 107.03, third in F-standard behind round winner Frank Marshall and runner-up Ian Taylor, gave him a narrow win in the handicap by just over a point from Nesti.

Scores were tight in the target rifle handicap, as well, with this week’s winner, Daniel Irvine, claiming the prize by 0.4 points from second-placed Andrew Heard, himself barely a point clear of third-placed Jasamine Irvine.

Daniel had the unusual and somewhat contradictory distinction of also winning the Magpie Award for TR this week, scoring a single bird in his first round of 43.02 before making up for it with a much improved second round of 48.02.

The top off-rifle scores in TR were Andrew Heard and Greg Traeger, both of whom scored a round of 49.04, but Heard’s other round helped him to win the off-rifle honours for the day, again by a single point, 97.05 to 96.05. 

Oscar and David Neumann also returned for a third visit and shoot with the club rifle.

This week the son, Oscar, took out the honours, scoring 110.05 to his dad’s 104.02.

At the presentation afterwards, members were informed of the sad and sudden passing of past member Murray Phillips during the week, to the shock of those who had only recently seen him.

The club sends its heartfelt condolences to Mr Phillips’ family for a man who will be missed.

Next week was scheduled as a spare Saturday in the calendar and so, for a bit of interest and to help members develop coaching and team shooting skills, it has been decided to run a captain versus vice captain competition, with shooters being divided up on the day to shoot from 600 metres, before the club returns to its regular program the week after, also from 600 metres.

Several club members travelled to Kapunda on Sunday to compete in an open prize meeting, with some success: Paech and Traeger finished second and third in TR-A grade behind Port Pirie’s Paul Savage; Jasamine Irvine won TR B-grade with a score that would have seen her finish second in A-grade; while Adrian Conlon finished third in F-open.

Congratulations to all the shooters and the winners for the day.

River Murray Football League round six scores

Mannum 14.10 (94) v Imperials 11.7 (73)

Mannum goals: D. Ribbons 5, I. Hampel 3, C. Reschke 2, D. Walker 1, D. Gladigau 1, J. Keller 1, M. Deionno 1. Best: J. Keller, D. Ribbons, D. Laubsch, B. Tabe, S. Brown.

Imperial goals: J. Boras 7, H. Montgomery 2, L. Marsh 1, A. Morrell 1. Best: N. Daish, C. Anderson, H. Montgomery, A. Day, J. Boras.

Jervois 19.6 (120) v Mypolonga 3.7 (25)

Jervois goals: J. Scott 11, L. Kluske 2, T. Kluske 2, B. Wilson 1, C. Robins 1, B. Schulz 1,
Z. Makins 1. Best: J. Scott, T. Kluske, L. Kluske, A. Diamond, T. Burkett.

Mypolonga goals: R. Finlayson 1, K. Martin 1, L. Bassani 1. Best: K. Wilson, L. Altschwager , C. Stegmeyer, S. Elliott, K. Martin.

Ramblers 16.14 (110) v Meningie 8.8 (56)

Rambler goals: J. Trevorrow 4, S. Callery 3, K. Harradine 2, B. Ellis 2, D. Hayden 2, M. Hartman 1, A. Pratt 1, J. Parker-Menzies 1. Best: C. Walker, A. Pratt, M. Hartman, G. Rigney, J. Trevorrow.

Meningie goals: M. Greenwood 2, P. Reichelt 1, C. Biddle 1, C. Mason 1, L. McFarlane 1, T. Hartman 1, B. Halliday 1. Best: J. Hoad, L. Thompson, W. Angas, B. Vandenbrink, B. Halliday.

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