Sports Reports: Murraylands Cycling Club plans its route forward

Plus the latest in Murray Bridge rifle shooting, River Murray football and River Murray netball.

This post includes contributions from Phil McGee of the Murraylands Cycling Club, Daniel Irvine of Murray Bridge Rifle Club, the River Murray Football League and the River Murray Netball Association.

The Murraylands Cycling Club has taken another huge step towards establishing the area as one of the major cycling centres in regional South Australia.

Starclub field officer Marc Maddaford recently hosted a strategic planning evening for the club, facilitated by Hans van Babel of Delta Training.

Fourteen members and stakeholders attended and contributed suggestions and strategies for taking the club – established less than a year ago – into the future, and providing safe and appropriate cycling activities for the regional population.

The club will concentrate its energies on establishing facilities for recreational and competitive cycling for all ages, with a strong focus on working positively with other sporting and community organisations.

One suggestion was to work towards having local competitors representing Australia at the Brisbane Olympic Games.

Another was to reduce the prevalence of heart disease – Australia’s biggest killer – by exercising on a bike in a traffic-free environment.

Rifle shooters get into a jam … well, some jam

Twelve shooters took their chances with the weather to shoot in the prestigious Beerenberg Three-Range Shoot this past Saturday at the Deed Range at Monarto.

The weather turned out well enough, with the couple of spots of rain that occurred in the afternoon not enough to interrupt shooting.

The wind, however, was another story; it dominated the afternoon and some target rifle shooters reported 10-13 minutes of wind at the longer ranges.

This year the competition was shot from ranges 600 and 800 metres and 1000 yards, with seven rounds to count at each range, and the trophy awarded on handicap, meaning everyone had a level chance going into the day.

Brad Kirpensteyn, unfortunately, had trouble early and had to retire after only one round.

Other shooters also struggled to score close to the possible 42 for F-class and 35 for target rifle.

Notable exceptions were Ian Taylor and Mark Nesti in F class, both of whom scored 41s against a next best score of 39 from Gordon Harrison and Frank Marshall.

Rob Paech took a narrow early lead over a reduced target rifle field, scoring 34.02.

Difficulties increased with the range as shooters moved back to 800 metres for the next round.

David McDonald and Adrian Conlon excelled in F-class, registering 41s as the early leaders ran into some trouble, although Nesti stayed right in the hunt with a 39.01 and Marshall remained consistent with a 40.02.

In TR, Paech dropped a couple of points that were seemingly picked up by Greg Traeger, who scored a 34.02 to Paech’s 32.02, while Andrew Heard’s consistent performance got him his second 33.02 of the competition, leaving all three competitors level after two ranges.

It was hoped the third and final range would prove to be decisive, but scores remained extremely close.

McDonald’s 39.01 and Nesti’s 38.01 tied them on off-rifle scores of 118.

However, McDonald’s extra centres and slightly longer handicap meant that he was able to win the day in F-class and claim his first ever “Fig-Jam” Trophy.

In target rifle, competition also proved extremely close, with all three competitors finishing on 99.

Traeger and Heard both tied for off-rifle by a single centre from Paech; ultimately Traeger won the handicap trophy by less than a point.

Shooters enjoyed the day and the different competition to the usual club championship rounds, and thanked Beerenberg for their continued sponsorship.

The club will return to its usual championship shooting from 300 metres this week.

River Murray Football League semi final scores

Jervois 11.8 (74) def Tailem Bend 3.9 (27)

Jervois goals: J. Scott 4, R. Love 2, P. Zarantonello, B. Wilson, T. Kluske, S. Catford, A. Diamond. Best: M. Pope, P. Zarantonello, J. Woodall, T. Burkett, R. McKaye, T. Gibson.

Tailem Bend goals: B. Hansen, C. Smelt, S. Clay. Best: D. Perks, H. Westhoff, J. Bell, B. Zadow, T. Geyer.

Imperials 13.6 (84) def Mannum 5.12 (42)

Imperial goals: J. Boras 7, S. DeMichele 2, A. Day, L. Marsh, D. Girdham, L. Harrowfield. Best: L. DeMichele, A. Morrell, H. Montgomery, S. McMahon, C. Anderson.

Mannum goals: B. Boughen 2, Z. Bullard, C. Reschke, B. Fidge. Best: M. O’Malley, J. Keller, J. Boylan, B. Webster, Z. Bullard.

River Murray Netball Association preliminary final score

Imperials 59 def Mannum 30

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