'It pisses me off': Roadside dumping raises community anger

A Facebook post about someone allegedly caught dumping rubbish at Pallamana has sparked local outrage.

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“Filthy grub.”

Matthew Werfel uploaded three photos and a short, blunt caption to Facebook on Sunday night.

Two of the photos showed rubbish dumped under a bridge on the Palmer road: a busted couch, a camping chair, a bunch of other unidentifiable junk.

The third photo, taken a short time earlier, appeared to show the same rubbish loaded in the back of a silver Mazda BT-50 ute, which he alleged was driven by the culprits.

Mr Werfel encouraged people to help identify them, saying “share it round, lads”.

The post was shared 375 times within 48 hours.

‘It pisses me off … do it properly’

Tom Delany told Murray Bridge News he and his mate had been driving home along Reedy Creek Road and pulled off at the little bridge over Salt Creek – “plenty of four-wheel drives go in there”.

When the silver ute rolled up, full of rubbish, they took a photo.

Having been seen, the ute’s driver sped off towards Palmer, Mr Delany said.

The pair followed them all the way there and saw them turn back; when they returned, this time they found the rubbish dumped in the creek bed.

Mr Delany hoped the dumper would get a fine.

“I can’t stand that people do s*** like that,” he said.

“It pisses me off.

“It doesn’t cost much just to get rid of it.

“Do it properly.”

The people who commented on the post tended to agree, some describing the dumper in terms not suitable for publication.

The Environment Protection Authority confirmed it had received a report of rubbish being dumped on the roadside between Murray Bridge and Palmer on Tuesday.

It referred the matter on to the Murray Bridge council for investigation.

How to get rid of hard rubbish the right way

It costs $51 to dump a flat six-by-four trailer of domestic waste at the Brinkley Waste and Recycling Transfer Station, according to the council.

However, households within the Murray Bridge council district can also request one free hard rubbish collection per year.

Workers from Orana can come and pick up a load of rubbish from the kerb out the front of your house, or you can ask for a free pass to take a six-by-four trailer.

Photos: Matthew Werfel/Facebook.

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