Riverfront development, footpaths are priorities for Murray Bridge residents

Here's what locals had to say about the local council's budget for 2021-22, which is due to be finalised on Tuesday.

Riverfront dining featured prominently in a promotional video about Murray Bridge’s future, published by the council in 2019; one resident hopes to see more of it in the near future. Photo: Rural City of Murray Bridge/Youtube.

Riverfront development and better footpaths are priorities for Murray Bridge residents as the city’s council prepares to finalise its annual budget.

Three residents have written to the council about its annual business plan and budget for 2021-22, which councillors are due to finalise on Tuesday night.

Two focused on the city’s riverfront, where there had been plenty of good ideas but still too little action.

“We need places we can go and sit by the river and have a coffee or some lunch,” one resident said.

“I realise that building permanent buildings for cafes might be too costly, but what about pop-up cafes or food trucks?

“Tourists want to come into a town, have a look around and then grab a bite to eat by the river, not in a cafe on the main street with no view, or inside a shopping centre.”

Another resident couldn’t believe the council had not already built a caravan park at Sturt Reserve, and that it had initially refused permission for a water sport park on the east side.

“Why isn’t Murray Bridge to water-skiing like Victor Harbor is to surfing?” he asked.

However, he said, the city was looking nicer for the first time since the 1990s.

A third resident, a young mum, said it was disappointing not to see more footpaths and cycle paths being built on the east side, particularly along Mitchell Avenue.

“There is currently no way to walk from Avoca Dell on a sealed path, or without using a shared road,” she said.

“This is not an ideal situation.

“The housing in our area is rapidly growing and there need to be cycle tracks made available in our area for the safety of our children, and to support tourism.”

The council received three more submissions from local organisations.

The manager of the Murray Lands Retirement Village asked for a footpath upgrade on nearby Phillips Street.

The owners of Riverglen Marina at White Sands expressed concern about the council's plan to increase water supply charges for the marina’s residents.

Zoos SA’s chief executive thanked the council for its planned investment in a slip lane and road signage near Monarto Safari Park’s new main entrance on Monarto Road, and for its focus on riverfront development, open space and walking trails.

Submissions to the council were published in the minutes to a recent meeting.

Councillors and staff will have until 7pm on Tuesday night, when the council is next due to meet, to make any budget changes.