Regular checks benefit your solar panels and your wallet, electrician Karl Doecke says

The team at Doecke Electrical has some tips for anyone who owns a solar power system or is thinking of getting one.

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Whatever your solar or electrical needs, Jake Lowerson, Karl Doecke and Michael Gerlach from Doecke Electrical are ready to help. Photo: Peri Strathearn.

There are solar panels and there are solar panels – and Karl Doecke is experienced enough to know the difference.

As an electrical contractor, he is regularly up on people’s roofs, installing new solar power systems or – more often – repairing older ones.

He recommends having a qualified professional take a look if:

  • your solar panels are more than five years old, or

  • your power bills are going up but your usage is staying the same

Regular checks can ensure your panels are working efficiently, and that your investment is not going to waste.

Sometimes they only need a gentle clean to remove leaves and dust.

But sometimes faulty systems can leave you at risk of a power outage – or, worse, a rooftop fire, like the one Murray Bridge News reported on last month.

There is a big difference between the best and worst solar power systems, Karl says.

A cheap system might only last five years before it needs a rebuild, but a high-quality one might last for 20 years.

“They say (a solar power system) should pay itself off in two to four years,” he says.

“It’s basically like paying for your power up-front for four years.

“But if you don’t ever pay it off, it’s no good.”

The good news is that quality systems are becoming cheaper than ever.

If you have considered solar before but been scared away by the up-front cost, perhaps it’s time to check again.

“Many of the systems I quote will go from $6500 to $7000, depending on a few things, but it’ll last longer than the pay-off period,” Karl says.

“Solar does save you money, but you’re better off investing more at the start than paying for the same thing twice.”

Whether you want to install a new solar power system, home battery or off-the-grid system, or have your existing system serviced, Doecke Electrical can get the job done.

Things to consider before you switch to solar

  • Quality workmanship is more important than cheap installation in the long run

  • A good solar power system should last longer than the period you’ll need to pay it off

  • Consider your energy usage and get a system tailored to suit your needs

  • Check what kind of a warranty will apply

‘If it’s got electricity in it, we can usually sort it’

Aside from solar, Doecke Electrical performs all kinds of electrical work in domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

They can repair your hot water service, install lights or ceiling fans, re-wire sheds and farm buildings, connect electricity and data supplies to new house blocks and more.

As Karl puts it: “if it’s got electricity in it, we can usually sort it”.

The team at Doecke Electrical services the entire Murraylands and Adelaide Hills from a base at Monteith.

Whatever the job you need done, Doecke is the local name you can trust to be reliable, efficient and competitive.