Phone scam costs Murraylands man $40,000

A day that began with a phone call, asking whether he had bought anything on eBay, ended with a costly theft.

A Murraylands resident has been scammed out of $40,000 after someone gained access to his mobile phone.

The victim got a phone call last Wednesday, asking whether he had bought anything on eBay.

He said no.

The scammer then said the man’s phone must have been hacked, and that they would help him get his money back.

Over the course of the day, the victim received several more phone calls from the scammer, who was eventually able to take control of the man’s mobile phone remotely.

The scammer then transferred the cash out of the man’s bank account.

How to avoid being scammed

If you are not sure who you're talking to on the phone, police recommend hanging up.

If you feel that you need to contact the organisation the caller said they were from, look up their contact details in a phone book or on the organisation's website.

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