Murray Bridge man jailed for assaulting police, housemate

The man attacked the manager of a boarding house without provocation, the District Court has heard.

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A Murray Bridge man has been sentenced to two years and nine months in prison for assaulting a housemate and violently resisting arrest afterwards.

Judge Adam Kimber said Jarrod Richard Roe had attacked the 60-year-old manager of the boarding house where he lived on January 3, punching him in the face without provocation.

When police arrived, he broke a male officer’s nose and punched a female officer at least five times in the head, despite being told to stop.

After being pepper sprayed and tased, he poked a third officer in the eye and continued to resist, yelling and struggling.

Considerable police force was necessary to subdue him, Judge Kimber said in the District Court last week.

The incident led him to be charged with aggravated assault, assault, two counts of intentionally causing harm and resisting arrest.

Roe had been on a good behaviour bond at the time following two previous assault convictions.

He had been assaulted and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a teenager, and had also used methamphetamine previously; but he was not under the influence of drugs or a mental illness at the time of the attack, the judge said.

In fact, he was sorry for his actions, acknowledged he had a problem and was open to seeking help.

But community members and police needed to be protected from such violent outbursts, Judge Kimber said.

“Police officers form a vital role in our community,” he said.

“They are called upon to deal with volatile situations which can put them at risk of assault.

“Sentences must be imposed which might contribute to the protection of police and which might deter others.”

He ordered Roe to remain in prison until at least October 2021.

He also issued a restraining order against him on behalf of the boarding house manager.

Photo: SA Police.