Murray Bridge High School's new logo options revealed

Which of these three designs should the school take into the 2020s?

After three months of discussions, focus groups and design work, it has come down to this.

Murray Bridge High School has asked students, staff, parents and community members which of three shortlisted logos it should wear in 2022 and beyond, as part of a rebranding process.

The school has also asked which of three mottos it should adopt, and whether its uniforms and branding should feature a Ngarrindjeri design element.

But the logos will be the most visible change to the school’s look, since they will be emblazoned on uniforms and school buildings for decades to come.

The school urged people to read about the reasoning behind each design before choosing a favourite.

Swan, bridge or MB?

The letters “M” and “B”, a swan and a bridge over the River Murray are the inspiration for the three designs.

The first is based on the two letters, but features strokes suggestive of a swan, or of the River Murray.

The second features a swan, not sitting on the water as it is often shown, but in flight, signifying the aspirations of the high school’s students.

The third is reminiscent of the letters “M” and “B”, but also of a bridge over the River Murray, a simplistic representation of the city.

The elements used in each design were those most commonly suggested by more than 500 people who responded to a consultation about the high school rebrand.

The same consultation also found blue was the colour most people wanted.

Separately, the school proposed a “design element” which would pay tribute to Murray Bridge’s traditional owners: a wavy pattern based on the river, with a cross-hatching pattern drawn from Ngarrindjeri art.

The pattern could be used on the sleeves of school polo tops, for example.

Mottos look to the future

Each of the three mottos suggested for the school focuses on the future, at the suggestion of its students:

  • “The future is ours”

  • “Creating our future”

  • “Together for our future”

“There was a sense amongst the students around personal responsibility to grow into their own person, who could create a secure, happy, successful future for themselves,” a presentation about the rebrand said.

“For some, this meant embracing 21st century technology or an entrepreneurial vision; for others this meant financial security for themselves and their family; and for others, it simply meant achieving their SACE.

“The focus remained, however, that many students’ mindsets were firmly on making decisions during their high school education that would support their personal vision for the future, and having more opportunity than ever before to make this happen.”

Design changes will take effect in 2022

The branding changes – which will include new uniforms – will be introduced in 2022, when the first cohort of year seven students is due to start at Murray Bridge High School.

However, students already at the school will be allowed to keep wearing the current uniforms until they graduate.

Whatever it all looks like, the name “Murray Bridge High School” will stay, in the end, after students, staff and community members indicated they did not want to change it.

Voting on the logo and motto will be weighted between various groups, with students having the biggest say.

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