Murray Bridge council watch: July 2021

Regional consultations, protecting zoning for growing communities and Mayor Lewis in a red bikini?

The Rural City of Murray Bridge has been proactive in ensuring future developments in emerging areas are able to go ahead as smoothly as possible.

Council unanimously approved a submission recommending amendments to the State Planning Commission’s Environment and Food Production Areas (EFPA) review.

The EFPA restricts development of land for residential purposes in rural areas, aiming to protect food producing land and encourage development in existing built up areas.

Following a community session with Plan SA in Murray Bridge on June 23 several potential anomalies were identified, particularly in areas formerly populated with dairy farming.

As Mayor Brenton Lewis pointed out, areas such as Jervois extended township and Mypolonga should be given opportunity for future growth.

“There’s been a lot of change of in recent years … transitioning the areas from dairy and citrus blocks,” Mr Lewis said.

“If you didn’t look at this report you might not worry about it and it could have been bad if we didn’t put our hand up when the review was done.”

Councillor Clem Schubert agreed that the proposed amendments would support potential business and residential developments, particularly within Mypolonga.

Public consultation on the EFPA Review is open until July 30.

SACOSS is coming to town and Annette Korzeba wants you to have your say

Speaking as a deputation to council, Annette Korzeba urged councillors and the public alike to attend the upcoming community forum.

The South Australian Council of Social Service (SACOSS), the peak body for non-government health and community services sector, will be holding a regional consultation on Monday August 2 with CEO Ross Womersley attending.

This is Mr Womersley’s second community visit to Murray Bridge in the last 12 months, and Ms Korzeba urged councillors to attend and hear from their constituents.

“It’s not to hear Ross speak, it’s to hear community members who are your constituents,” Ms Korzeba said.

“He brings with him policy makers and board members and they get onto appropriate submissions to government.”

Those wishing to attend the forum must register their interest, which you can do by clicking here.

Councils come together for issue of river slumping

An issue that won’t go away according to Mayor Lewis has brought state and local governments together.

CEO Michael Sedgman met with counterparts from Mid Murray and Coorong councils on July 8 alongside representatives from the SA Government.

The meeting helped to put the consequences of riverbank slumping on the radar with the aim that the Minister for the Environment David Spiers and his department could take a larger role in collaboration.

“Ultimately we’re looking for a meaningful conversation with state government reps about a collaborative government model regardless of state and local government hierarchies,” CEO Michael Sedgman said.

Quick Pointers

Future developments to be considered

Councillor Andrew Baltensperger put forward two motions to investigate new developments.

Checking the feasibility of extending the Adelaide Road Linear Park up to Johnstone Park, and liaising with the Department of Infrastructure and Transport on upgrades to the Mannum Road and Dean Jaensch / Mypolonga Road intersection were both approved unanimously.

Christmas decorations: we’ll have some!

Mayor Lewis has confirmed that we won’t be without Christmas decorations later this year.

While Christmas Day is still 165 days away, the issue of having enough budget for decorations and whether more will be done on Bridge Street was raised as part of finance discussions.

Mr Lewis assured councillors that the ever growing carousel of decorations would also be topped up with budget for new decorations.

Oh, and about that red bikini…

Mayor Lewis was able to confirm that a meeting listed as ‘Filming with Red Bikini’ did not feature the mayor or anybody else donning scarlet underwear.

The Adelaide based company Red Bikini was instead in town to film a promotional video, having previously filmed events in Murray Bridge such as the Fringe and opening of the rowing club.