Mozzarella made at Jervois named Australia's favourite

The Beston Global Food Company's cheese, sold under a supermarket brand, has won praise from ratings agency Canstar Blue.

A mozzarella cheese made at Jervois has become the favourite of Australian consumers after only two years of production.

According to ratings website Canstar Blue, the Beston Global Food Company’s mozzarella – sold under a supermarket label – earned the maximum five stars for overall satisfaction in a recent survey, equal highest among four major brands.

It also earned five stars for value for money, and four each for taste and variety/range.

The ratings were based on a survey of 345 consumers who had purchased and eaten mozzarella cheese in the past three months.

Beston did not disclose the brand for which it produced the cheese, but Canstar Blue’s published ratings show Woolworths and Devondale – which is produced interstate – in equal top spot.

Beston chief executive Jonathan Hicks said the ratings had recognised the company’s focus on excellence.

“The quality of our products is now extending beyond the dairy industry and being judged in more general settings and amongst consumers, and very much holding its own against our competitors’ products,” he said.

“BFC can absolutely guarantee product integrity from farm to fork, using premium quality milk from South Australia’s finest dairy farmers and produced in BFC’s state-of-the-art factories which are located in Murray Bridge and Jervois.

“Now that we’re working through the other side of the restrictions brought on by COVID-19, and backed by significant and respected recognition from the likes of DIAA (the Dairy Industry Association of Australia) and Canstar Blue, Beston’s Edwards Crossing mozzarella in particular is certainly the product to look out for.”

Sales of Beston mozzarella increased by 59 per cent to 4290 tonnes in the six months to February.

The mozzarella plant at Beston’s Jervois factory only became fully operational in 2018.

Photo of master cheesemaker Paul Connolly: Beston Global Food Company.