Life Through the Lens: On balance

Kevin Schrapel encourages you to find balance during this busy season.

This post was contributed by Kevin Schrapel.

I definitely need new scales!

Either the scales are wrong, or the balance between my weight and the diet is not in balance.

I don’t need any advice on which it might be.

Seriously, though, so much of life is about balance: the balance between relationships, between money in and money out, between what I have and what I think I need, a balanced use of time, a balance between happiness and sorrow.

The most important balance of all is that of a relationship between my God and me.

Do I love myself more than God?

Is all my focus on me and little on God?

His words tell us, “love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul, and your neighbour as yourself”.

“Yeah, right – you should meet my neighbour!”

And God could say, “the scales of our relationship just tipped away from me toward your self-justification”.

But he doesn’t.

Instead, he says, “hey, I still love you, and my son Jesus – who also loves you – he balanced up our relationship when he died on the cross in your place, and also offers life in all its fullness which brings life back into balance”.

There is a story of a butcher who, when a widow who was poor and caring for several children came to buy meat, would quietly place his thumb under the scales’ plate and cause the weight to be in her favour.

She received a little more meat in her package and, just as importantly, kept her dignity.

She believed the weight told by the butcher and went home blessed.

Consider: Jesus balances the scales in your favour and rebalances your relationship with the God who loves you.

Not only is the balance restored between you and God, but you receive the added blessing of recognising and enjoying more balance in other areas of life, all as gifts wrapped up in love to take home and enjoy.

Do you believe it?

At this time of rushing, life can become unbalanced.

Stop and talk to  God about how he will add his love into all aspects of these days.

Believe he hears you and, in love, truly wants to help you and your family and friends.


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