Life Through the Lens: How to take the first step

Kevin Schrapel muses on steps taken in faith.

This post was contributed by Kevin Schrapel, and is the author’s personal opinion.

“But Dad, I might get run over!” was the shrill, desperate cry.

On one side of the zebra crossing was the dad: from off the land, hat wide-brimmed and sweat-stained; jeans clean, well-worn, with a patch on one knee; boots old but cared-for RM Williams; shirt khaki, double pockets, sleeves rolled up over the elbows with arms that supported large, brown, calloused and veined hands that said “crush or caress”.

Across the other side of that chasm, almost quivering in fear, stood a pint-sized replica of Dad.

Home on the farm, nothing would faze him.

Helping Dad push a mob of sheep into the shearing shed – no problem.

Get knocked over – Dad is there to help you get up and get on with the job.

But this was different.

Cars raced across those lines, and road-shaking trucks rumbled past.

To cross would take courage.

To move would take trust and faith.

To get to Dad would mean taking a first step.

His wide eyes swivelled between the approaching car and Dad.

Dad’s voice came strong and clear: “It’s okay, it will stop”.

As the vehicle slowed, first one small foot touched the line, then the other, and with eyes firmly fixed on Dad, he rushed across the road and into the arms that had lifted him in the sheep yard and many other times, the arms he had come to trust.

But it took that first step.

Many times we hear the words “you need to trust God with your life”, “let God help you with your fears, your troubles”, “let God’s love help you, strengthen you, give you courage” – so many words of encouragement that our fears and uncertainties can easily drown out.

So how can I know God loves me?

How can I know he cares?

How can I enjoy all the things that those who follow Jesus tell me are there for me?

They are saying only what God the father has written in his letters of love in the Bible.

Check out for yourself 1 John 4:7-12, God is love; John 3:16, just how much he loves us; Isaiah 54:10, his love never fails; Psalm 86:15, he is compassionate; Romans 5:8, even though we might not love him, he still loves us; Psalm 136:26, his love lasts forever.

Want to know God’s love for yourself?

Talk to him, just like you talk to any good friend, especially as you read his words.

Ask him to help you understand.

Take the first step.

Tell God you want to know his love in your life.

God bless.

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