Life Through the Lens: Follow the plan

Kevin Schrapel thinks about construction works, plans and the alternative.

This post was contributed by Kevin Schrapel, and is the author’s personal opinion.

There is a lot of action taking place out the back of my home.

Men and machinery are working all over the block.

Although each appears to be doing his own thing, they are obviously following a master plan.

Just imagine what our lives would be like, what our community would be like, if we all followed the plans for a life of love, joy and peace planned for us by the God of love himself.

Let’s look at some of those plans.

To start: “Completely love the Lord God with all your heart, spirit and mind” ( Mark 12:30).

Perhaps we should pause here, as this is where the plan comes off the rails.

None of us manages to get the foundation down before the cracks of self-interest and disobedience set in and we try to re-draw the plans to suit ourselves.

Well, that’s a bit hard.

Let’s look at another part of the master plan.

“Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself” (Mark 12:31).

Oh, dear.

This part of the plan will be virtually impossible.

I don’t know my neighbour, never talk to him.

Anyway, who is “my neighbour”?

There are times when I don’t love myself too much, either.

Maybe I can re-draw the plan.

Fortunately for all humanity, the planner didn’t change the plan.

Just imagine if there was no love, care, help, concern, support, getting close to others, and no forgiveness.

Instead, he sent his son, born like one of us – although I don’t know anyone born in a stable – who fully understood the plan and to show all who would listen and learn how it should all come together; and to show that anyone who needs my help is “my neighbour”.

Even then, we will never get the job done to the satisfaction of the planner.

So Jesus steps in – as he knew was part of the plan right from the start – and repairs all that needs to be repaired.

The planner can then look at you and me and all who accept what his son did and say, “Well, it is finished!

“I accept what my Son did in your place.

“I forgive you for not getting the job done the way I wanted.

“Come on and be part of my family also.”

Enjoy knowing and acknowledging that even though you fell short of what was expected, you can still be a loved child of a loving God who planned for you to share in his forgiving love.

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