Life Through the Lens: Faith in an aeroplane engine

Kevin Schrapel looks out of a cockpit window and thinks about his trust in the unseen.

This post was contributed by Kevin Schrapel, and is the author’s personal opinion.

I love flying, especially in tiny planes.

I dreamed of becoming a missionary pilot flying in New Guinea, but God had other ideas – unfortunately I couldn’t pass the medical exam.

Oh well.

Fortunately I have a daughter with a licence, and she has a great friend who lets her use his plane, and she sometimes takes me up.

When flying, a lot of faith is involved, especially in the engine and the whirly thing on the front.

The engine may not look like much, but behind the cowling are lots of bits and pieces and thingamyjigs working together to keep the whirly thing going around and you going forward, and all the bits have to be cared for and maintained.

People – including followers of Jesus – often see the outside of prayer and never look under the cover to see and understand more than we expect.

Sure, there is talking to God, but what do we speak to him about?

Recognise God as God, and accept he loves you.

Give him the rightful place in your life as the one who brings all the good things into your life.

Use his name – God or Jesus or Holy Spirit – respectfully and lovingly.

Let God be the king in your life.

Live as if he is in charge and ask him to help you mean it.

Trust that God’s plans – his will – are best for you and the world, even if it doesn’t make sense right now.

One day it will.

Talk to him about his plans for your life.

Ask him to help you accept his plans and help you live accordingly.

Understand and accept that all you need – not want – for this life, he supplies: food, shelter, clothing, friends, family.

You may think a new motor car is essential.

He might know that what you need is a good and honest friend.

Will you trust that he knows best?

Believe that no matter how many mistakes you may have made in your life, when God says, “you are sorry, I forgive you; we are right, now forgive those in your life who might have hurt you”, do you believe him?

Then – when tempted to do, say or think something you know will disappoint God – talk to him, trust he will strengthen you not to give in.

Tell him that you are happy to accept he is in charge; that his will and his plans are what truly matters.

Always be sure: he wants to use all his power to help you going forward in all of your life.

God bless.

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