Let's Settle This Results

You've had your say, now let's see what Murray Bridge as a whole has to say on some hot topics.

The moment that no doubt many of you have been waiting for all weekend is here.

31 locals have had their say on local topics ranging from culinary choices to the best attractions in town.

With the aim to not provide unnecessary editorial comment, check out the responses below in their raw form and leave a comment if you agree or disagree with the winners.

Forms response chart. Question title: Which Murray Bridge Players and Singers show was best?. Number of responses: 29 responses.
Additional responses include Little Shop of Horrors (dark blue, one vote), The Sound of Music (purple, three votes) and Wicked + Chicago + Mamma Mia (green, one vote)
Forms response chart. Question title: Who is the most famous person born or raised locally?. Number of responses: 31 responses.
Additional responses include documentary maker Alby Mangels (red, three votes), tennis player Alex Bolt (dark blue, one vote) and the man on the $50 note, preacher David Uniapon (purple, one vote).

If you need a coffee where do you go in Murray Bridge?

This produced a range of responses with the most popular being:

  • Noti & Folk - 7 votes

  • GCS Café - 5 votes

  • Mojo’s - 4 votes

  • Little Local Co - 3 votes

  • Home / Mum’s House - 3 votes

What is the biggest event on the Murray Bridge Social calendar?

Again, a wide range of views on what is the event to be seen at each year in Murray Bridge.

Responses that received two or more votes include:

  • Christmas pageant and festivities - 9 votes

  • Pedal Prix - 5 votes

  • NYE fireworks - 2 votes

  • Fringe - 2 votes

  • Murray Bridge Players and Singers Show - 2 votes

What is the single best thing about Murray Bridge?

It is perhaps no surprise that the river itself and the location of Murray Bridge was the overwhelming response.

Being close enough to Adelaide but retaining a quiet country town feel rated very highly along with the lifestyle, community and space associated with Murray Bridge.

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