Landscape SA declares war on African boxthorns

Staff, contractors and land owners have carried out a campaign against the weed in the Murray Bridge district.

Progress is being made in the battle against a noxious weed in the Murray Bridge district.

Land owners, Landscape SA staff, councils and contractors have been out spraying African boxthorns along roadsides and railway tracks during the winter months.

The introduced shrub is a conservationist's nightmare: it features eight-centimetre spines, spreads quickly, provides the perfect habitat for foxes and rabbits to hide beneath, and even bears fruit which can harbour fruit flies.

Landscape SA district managers Hannah Spronk and Kylie Moritz said spraying bushes along transport corridors totalling 900 kilometres in length had been a team effort.

Winter and spring are the perfect seasons for controlling boxthorns, as they are more susceptible to herbicides when they are green and growing.

Alternatively, they may be cut down and poison applied to the stump; or they may be pulled out using machinery.

Landscape SA replaced Natural Resources SA, and South Australia’s former NRM boards, on July 1.

  • Seek advice on identification and control options: Call the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board on 8532 9100.

Photos: Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board.

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