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This is "water gone under the bridge" but I can remember when we had the "Best Communications Network in the World" which was operated by one Government Owned system in the hands of PMG / TELECOM / TELSTRA until the Howard Government sold it, so we could all get cheaper services as competition creates cheaper prices was the reason given but the facts were that people like Packer etc. wanted a piece of the pie, but OneTel went broke, and we all can see how the prices have come down - NOT. Optus was brought in as the competitor and Government deemed that for 5 years on all new customers info that Telstra gained had to be given to Optus and duplicated systems were created around Australia, we complained about Mobile Towers too close to schools etc. but now with more and more Companies in the mix there are towers everywhere. Just imagine if we still had the one company, Telstra, all the money available to them would have meant NO BLACK SPOTS ANYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY OF OURS and prices could have been controlled by Government and still would have had the Best Network in the World. Oh for 6 x 6 Hind site.

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