Happy Christmas from Murray Bridge News

Managing editor Peri Strathearn has a little something for you ... plus an important update for monthly subscribers.

Happy Christmas from Murray Bridge News!

I just want to say thank you, readers, subscribers and advertisers, for making 2020 such a great launch year for your locally owned news outlet.

Without your support I could not have launched this website and email newsletter, and the big plans I’ve got for 2021 (more on those in the coming months) would only ever be daydreams.

Now here, I got you a little something to say thanks – what could be inside?

Let’s have a look...

Aha ... it’s 127 free stories!

Today, as a Christmas present to you, loyal reader, Murray Bridge News announces a change to its paywall.

Nobody wants to pay for old news – so, from now on, stories more than four weeks old will be unlocked for everyone to read, free of charge.

If there’s a story from a while back you wanted to share with friends or family who don’t have a subscription, now you can send it their way.

We’ve published 486 of them since our launch in April, so you’re sure to find something!

Meanwhile, paying subscribers will still get the benefit of exclusive access to the latest local stories each day.

Slight price increase for monthly subscribers

Now, the bad news ... I’m afraid I’ll need to increase the price of a monthly subscription to Murray Bridge News by 50 cents from January 1, 2021, to better account for GST.

A monthly subscription will now cost $5.50 – still a fair bit less than the cost of, say, four weekly newspapers.

The good news is that annual subscribers will not be affected by the change – the yearly price of $60 will stay the same.

So if you want to keep paying the same low price, an annual subscription will be your best bet.

New web address: murraybridge.news

If you have a really sharp eye, you might have noticed that Murray Bridge News has a new home.

No action is needed on your part, because the old addresses (murraybridgenews.substack.com and murraybridgenews@gmail.com) will still work.

But it might be easier to remember the new web address for your local news service: www.murraybridge.news.

You can now contact me at a fancy new email address, too: peri@murraybridge.news.

Christmas and the new year

With that, I’ll let you enjoy the holiday season, if you’re lucky enough to have some time off work.

I’m spending time with family at the moment, and will take a few days to plan the continued growth of this company early in the new year.

Regular service will resume on January 11, ahead of the next weekly edition of Murray Bridge News on the 14th.

I’ll still be on call over the break in case anything major happens in our region, and I’ll have a look back at the year that was sometime before December 31 (when I’m sure I’ll see many of you at Sturt Reserve).

But for now, thanks again for reading Murray Bridge News, and happy Christmas.

Tell your friends and family, and let me know if there are stories you’d like me to cover in 2021!