Gordon Harrison achieves double possible at Murray Bridge Rifle Club

A dozen shooters aimed at 700 metres at Monarto on Saturday.

Twelve shooters were welcomed with a mostly sunny day on Saturday at the Deed Range at Monarto, as they gathered to shoot 700 metres for the second time in as many weeks.

Despite the sunshine, the wind kept temperatures cool.

It came from the right and remained fairly consistent throughout much of the day.

Despite what appeared to be more settled conditions, there were not the influx of “possibles” that were recorded last week; however, several shooters did notch up some stand-out scores.

Most notably this week, Gordon Harrison achieved a “double possible” in target rifle, scoring an impressive 100.12 off rifle for the day.

Single possibles were also achieved in target rifle by Robert Paech and Greg Traeger, who both finished on 98.

No F-class shooter was able to accomplish a similar feat this week, but there were stand-out off-rifle scores in F-standard from Ian Taylor (113.04) and Frank Marshall (114.08), and in F-open from John Cranwell (116.06) and Ian Elston (115.03). 

The Handicap Award was hotly contested in F-class, with a return to form by Taylor helping him to narrowly defeat Marshall by 0.6.

In target rifle, Harrison’s stand-out performance meant he claimed the prize in that discipline comfortably, nearly four points ahead of the field.

In other classes, Nicole Edwards found herself alone once more in FTR but still managed to shoot a very respectable 112.06, and David McDonald continued his foray into F-class, once more borrowing Cranwell’s equipment to score 114.05.

Next week Murray Bridge Rifle Club will return to a close range to challenge shooters at 400 metres.

Photo/image: Murray Bridge Rifle Club.