Foodbank food hub to open in Murray Bridge

A fundraising campaign reached its $100,000 goal last week.

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Plans for a food hub in Murray Bridge will go ahead after a fundraising drive reached its target, Foodbank SA has revealed.

The "Tucker into the Bridge" campaign aimed to raise $100,000 by April 30.

A corporate sponsor donated the final amount on Friday after more than $60,000 was received in small donations, including from the Murray Bridge, Mobilong and Tailem Bend Rotary Clubs and a collection point at Murray Bridge Marketplace.

The money will be used to establish a centre where needy families can get food, learn recipes and budget for meals after being referred by local charities.

Foodbank SA chief executive officer Greg Pattinson said the food hub would be open in a few months' time.

"We're just about to sign a lease and we'll be doing installation work during the month of May," he said.

"It will be two to three months, at least.

"We're talking to suppliers this week about fixtures and fittings, and we'll be doing flooring and painting and all that."

In the meantime, Foodbank would likely run several more market days like the one it held at the old Murray Bridge Racecourse in 2018, he said: one-off events where families could pick up fruit, vegetables, pantry goods and drinks.

Across South Australia, the past few months had been the "perfect storm" for Foodbank, Mr Pattinson said.

Many other charities had closed their doors to protect their ageing volunteers, he said, and were referring requests for help on to his organisation.

Meanwhile, to comply with social distancing recommendations and meet demand, Foodbank has also developed and launched a delivery service in a matter of weeks.

Charities can use a new online ordering portal to request food hampers for struggling families and have them delivered by corporate drivers who have signed up – including, from next week, Port Adelaide footballers.