Thunderstorm lights up the Murraylands

Lightning put on a show above Murray Bridge on Tuesday night, but the storm caused no substantial damage.

Many of us ducked for cover, but photographers around the Murraylands scrambled for their cameras on Tuesday night as a spectacular thunderstorm rolled through.

Just as the Bureau of Meteorology warned, the skies above Murray Bridge lit up after sunset as a cool change rolled through, bringing with it a little rain and plenty of thunder and lightning.

The wind never reached the damaging speeds forecast, though, and the Murraylands was fortunate to avoid any serious fires like those sparked elsewhere around the state.

A number of locals responsed to a call-out for photos on our Facebook page.

Bureau of Meteorology had warned of damaging winds

Damaging winds were expected across the western part of the Murraylands around midnight or early on Wednesday morning, the Bureau of Meteorology had warned.

A cool change was to be accompanied by winds averaging 50 to 65 kilometres per hour, gusting to 100km/h, as well as thunderstorms.

By comparison, the strongest gusts of wind recorded at Pallamana during the day had reached 57km/h.

The State Emergency Service advised people to move vehicles under cover or away from trees, secure loose items outdoors, and stay inside during the worst of the weather.

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