Murray Bridge News complaints policy

This policy was last updated on October 12, 2022.

Murray Bridge News is committed to listening and responding to reader suggestions, ideas, questions and complaints.

As a member of the Local and Independent News Association (LINA), Murray Bridge News is also committed to upholding the association’s editorial standards, as well as its own editorial policy.

Readers’ rights

Readers have a right to contact Murray Bridge News to seek a correction, clarification or retraction of an article, or to provide advice for future reference.

Readers who are dissatisfied with Murray Bridge News’ response to a complaint, and who feel Murray Bridge News has breached LINA’s editorial standards, may contact that organisation by clicking here.

How to get in touch

Readers may contact Murray Bridge News via email to, text or phone call to 0419 827 124, or directly by a message to or comment on a Murray Bridge News social media account. Readers should identify themselves and the relevant article.

Complaints should be made in a respectful, not an abusive or threatening, way.

Possible outcomes

Corrections or clarifications may be provided when a factual error has been made. Murray Bridge News is committed to correcting such errors online, and making note of any such corrections or clarifications in the relevant article.

Articles may be retracted, or removed from public view, at the editor’s discretion. Retractions may not immediately affect Google or other search results, and emails cannot be un-sent.

Complaints about ethics

If a reader believes Murray Bridge News has not acted ethically, he or she may make a complaint to the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance using the procedure outlined on its website. Murray Bridge News’ editor will maintain membership of the MEAA in the interest of ethical accountability.

Complaints about legal issues

If a reader believes Murray Bridge News has broken the law, Murray Bridge News may request that a complaint be made in writing or that contact be made through a legal representative.

Complaint handling timeline

Murray Bridge News will endeavour to reply to any suggestions, ideas, questions and complaints submitted in writing within two business days; and to resolve complaints by the end of the following calendar week wherever possible.

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