Come and try ... athletics with Murray Bridge Little Athletics Centre

Suzy Smith invites you to bring your kids to come and try athletics in Murray Bridge.

Suzy Smith, her grandson Harley Holland and her son, also Harley Holland, come along to Little Athletics together. Photo: Peri Strathearn.

On a sunny Sunday morning, a hundred people mill about beneath the gum trees on the edge of the Murray Bridge High School oval.

Preschoolers fidget while their older brothers and sisters listen to instructions, with parents and grandparents muttering encouragement or offering a supportive slap on the shoulder.

Set up all around – between green grass and blue sky – are cones, hurdles, goals and other assorted bits of sporting equipment.

It’s the first of two come-and-try days for the Murray Bridge Little Athletics Centre, kicking off the summer season.

The next will be held on October 11.

After that, the club will meet 24 times throughout the warmer months, giving kids experience in everything from running and long jump to discus, shot put and javelin.

Among those taking part are Harley Holland junior; his dad, Harley Holland senior; and his grandmother, Suzy Smith, who chats to Murray Bridge News as she follows them around.

When did your family first get involved in athletics?

(My sons and their children) got their running from my mum, back in the day. She was that fast that when she ran along the Coorong, she chased an emu and pulled a feather out of the emu. People used to pull out of races when they heard she was entering.

What do they get out of it?

We’ve always kept the kids involved in sports. There’s nothing better for kids to do in summer. It keeps them healthier, keeps them on track. They’re kept busy. Sport is the best thing for kids. With COVID, while there’s a chance to participate in sports in between when you have to go into lockdowns, (take it). They can also compete in Adelaide, meeting people from other clubs. They form friendships with people from other towns, and they regularly see them when they go to Adelaide to compete again.

What have been the greatest achievements of their athletic careers so far?

My two sons … broke records back in the day. Harley’s son has broken records here as well. He’s following in his dad’s footsteps.

What do you hope they achieve as athletes?

You never know. My son, when he was in year 4, was running faster than Cathy Freeman was at that age.

Why should people come and try Little Athletics?

Give things a try. You never know until you try. There could be something there.

  • More information: Call Dale Martin on 0421 919 215.

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