Business leaders invited to 'capitalise on opportunity' over breakfast

Business coach Peter Daniels will host a business breakfast at Murray Bridge Golf Club next week.

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“Capitalising on opportunity” will be the topic for a business breakfast at Murray Bridge Golf Club next Thursday.

Business coach and facilitator Peter Daniels invites local business leaders to come and set themselves up for success in 2021.

His approach focuses on making sure both businesses and the people who lead them are set on a sustainable, purposeful path towards their goals.

He will speak about the tweaks businesses can make to improve their productivity, performance and profitability.

Other points of focus will include:

  • How to view your current circumstances

  • How to detect opportunities

  • Ideas, creativity and improving profit

  • Accelerating your progress towards achievement

  • The two great pains in life, and what do to about them

  • How to find more business, and better business

  • The road map out, the compass and the next step

Attendees will get a full cooked breakfast and resource materials which capture the ideas discussed, so they can move forward and apply them to their own situations.

The breakfast will start at 7.30am and finish by 9.

Participants in a previous workshop in Adelaide reportedly offered the following feedback:

The event was important for me personally to help focus on individual competencies – my own health check – rather than always forecasting at an enterprise level.

Paul, business owner

It was a great reminder that to succeed in business, we have to focus on being the best we can first.

Sabah, HR manager

Peter has a flair for imparting business wisdom in a simple, succinct and understandable way.

Brett, marketing

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