Authors return to Murray Bridge Library as travel restrictions lift

Victoria Purman has become the latest in a line of authors to visit as the publishing industry returns to life.

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Murray Bridge Library has become a parade ground for authors of all persuasions as the publishing industry returns to pre-COVID normalcy.

The library welcomed a visit by author Victoria Purman last Friday, who spoke about her new book The Women’s Pages.

About two dozen mostly women came to hear Purman, from Adelaide, speak about the creation of her latest novel.

The Women’s Pages focuses on a female newspaper reporter in Sydney soon after World War II, when servicemen were newly returned and the role of women in society was changing.

“When you look up (World War II) most of it’s battles and guns and ships, and that’s important, but I’m interested in the forgotten history,” she said.

“Usually it’s women’s history.”

As you would imagine, the novel depended upon a great deal of research.

She encouraged those present to record their own life stories, if only for the future benefit of their families.

Purman spoke atop a stage donated by the Friends of the Murray Bridge Library, at a lectern built by the Murraylands Community Men’s Shed.