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Murray Bridge News is a website and weekly email newsletter which features stories about what’s happening in South Australia’s Murraylands.

As an independent news service, the decisions which guide us are made in Murray Bridge – not Adelaide or Sydney. Better still, 100 per cent of our profits remain in the community.

Managing editor Peri Strathearn has lived and reported the news locally since 2012. He has been named SA’s best regional/rural journalist (SA Media Awards), and the state’s best regional print journalist three times over (Rural Media SA). But his career took a turn in 2020, when the local newspaper was temporarily shut down by its corporate owners. He launched Murray Bridge News four days later. In 2021 it became one of 12 publishers in the world to win funding through the Substack Local program.

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Murray Bridge News is produced on Ngarrindjeri country.

Our mission

Murray Bridge News is all about:

  • Creating community by sharing local stories

  • Empowering local people to engage with community groups, events and opportunities

  • Being positive about the region and its future, and

  • Being local: collaborating with and advocating for local people

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